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Jane Gol


Jane Gol has extensive experience in real estate investment and development across a variety of asset types including residential, commercial and retail. Ms. Gol is instrumental in negotiating and strategically structuring each acquisition, and oversees all new developments. She plays an integral role in the company’s investment decisions and development processes. During the course of each project, Ms. Gol’s expertise enables her to engage and lead a team of professional partners to deliver an outstanding product. With her strong knowledge of the New York real estate market and sharp eye for detail, she also governs design and marketing for CV’s new projects. Her passion for strategic real estate development and growth in New York City is ever present. Ms. Gol is proud to have served as a Commissioner on the New York City Planning Commission under Mayor Michael Bloomberg. She is also a former member of the IDBNY Bank Board of Directors and a proud member of WX, an invitation-only, executive women in real estate group. Ms. Gol is a graduate of Cornell University.